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The Kee Technique to relaxation

For stress management

  • There is a recognition in these enlightened days that employees, and employers, can and do suffer from stress in the courses of their work, whether this is due to repetitive stress injury or the stress of the job itself. The present day approach is to look into the causes of stress and how to overcome them. But this can ignore the individual themselves and how they are coping with stress, however caused.

  • A different approach is being practised at Stratford Advice Arcade, Stratford, and other appointed practices by Philip Kee who has over the years of experience developed a hybrid massage technique which combines Swedish, Oriental and Shiatsu to combat stress and soothe away all the aches and pain.

  • Philip, who has practised his effective technique of massage for many years, focuses on personal health care for Managing Directors, Senior Staff and all employees, to reduce stress, absenteeism and improve well being for all and encourages all members of staff to experience his "magic touch". "It is difficult to describe to someone how one feels when one receive a massage,"  Philip says "the only way to know about it is to experience it."

  • At the Stratford Advice Arcade, Philip offers treatment to the public and members of the club at a very reasonable rate of half an hour (shoulder, neck and back) for £25.00 per session or a full body massage lasting an hour for £50.00.

  • It has been said that absenteeism by company employee in London averages three weeks in every year due to stress related problems.

  • However, you can easily obtain professional help to deal with some of your stress related problems.

Contact Philip at:

0208 257 9820 (Philip Kee)
Mobile: 07956 532 241

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