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Philip Kee  

L.A.M.P.C., R.M.A.N.M., I.T.E.C., B.A.B.T.E.C.

Philip also has qualifications in Nursing and as a Further Education Teacher

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Philip Kee, the man with the magic hands ...

Philip Kee has been involved with the Association of Natural Medicine (established in 1983) as an instructor specialising in massage. His years of research have brought about the birth of a new system and approach in the application of massage.

The Kee Technique

The Kee Technique is a hybrid system of finger pressure therapy. It combines Swedish, oriental and shiatsu methods of kneading and applying soft tissue manipulation on the body.

It has been devised to stimulate and energise the body system to give health & vitality and rejuvenate the whole body.

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