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Philip Kee recommends Matol as a herbal tonic which has been found to promote a better sense of well-being in many people. It is an excellent complement to the therapeutic bodywork which Philip can offer.

Matol Km®: "It worked for me..."

Please note that Matol products are not designed to treat, cure or affect any medical condition. Matol Km® is sold in the UK strictly as a herbal food supplement in order to promote a better sense of well-being. The experiences of the people below may be due to co-incidence.

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You can obtain Matol post-free at a therapeutic bodywork consultation with Philip Kee,

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 matol Km® Testimonials

"After just two months of using Matol kaps, I and the people around me notice an improvement in my Psoriasis. I had it all my adult life. I started on 1 kap daily for the first month, then 2 Kaps for the second and am starting 3 this weekend. I could not dry my legs after washing without them bleeding. This has also stopped the itch. I'll let you know how I progress.

Elizabeth Fraser, Aberdeen, September 2006

"I am just writing to let you know that I have been using Matol for many years and I have to tell you that it is the only health product that works for me consistently and I have tried many, many other herbal and alternative therapies. Abandoned the chemicals a long time ago as they were proving bad for my health.
I suffer from Lupus, which causes me many problems, but the most debilitating are the tiredness and pain in my limbs and muscles. I also from time to time suffer from low blood counts and this is generally because I have either run out of Matol or trying some other new treatment.
What I can say with certainty is that Matol works for me, has done over the years and I intend to ensure that I keep using it as it gives me a quality of life that nothing else comes near to providing. The mistake I make is that Matol keeps me so well that I think I don't need it, that is a big mistake and I have learned this to my pain.
Keep producing the tonic of health...

Ms.Kate Smith, July 2006

"I am pleased to be reordering Matol liquid. My psoriasis has now started to fade away and is healing well.

Mrs.M.Ryder, West Yorkshire, June 2006

"I have been using Matol for over a year now, and have noticed that I rarely get any outbreaks of Psoriasis on my face or body - even my husband has commented on this! It has certainly boosted my confidence in summer especially, being able to wear sleeveless or lower necked tops. I really do not have to worry any more.

Pat Payne, Exeter May 2006

"I am writing this letter to let you know how brilliant your matol kM really is. I have suffered with Psoriasis for over 45 years and also with arthritis which was diagnosed as acute in my lower back, the pain from the latter disappeared after just 6 weeks of taking matol kM and some of the patches of Prorisasis started to disappear. I switched to matol Tabs for my holidays in Dece,ber, during my hols and since it has almost completely gone except for one tiny spot on each elbow, and a couple of spots on my feet anything else that comes up comes up pale pink, I have no itching, and I must admit to being more energetic as my wife and friends will verify. I am 71 years old and I feel about 55 - I would recommend Matol kM to anyone, I am sure it will benefit your health - it certainly has mine.

Mr.Marshallsea, Rhyl Mar. 2006

"I purchased Matol from you in August (05) because I had a skin problem, and as I found it helped me, I wish to purchase another 3 months supply. "

W.Jarvis, Essex Mar. 2006

"I felt I had to send you a mail to say a big thank you to Matol KM for changing my life.
After suffering a very traumatic ordeal 6yrs ago I developed severe psoriasis and arthritis, my life became miserable and depressing, I spent 100s trying to ease my suffering and it is suffering in many ways. Now thanks to MATOL KM I am happy again and some times forget my illness as it has virtually cleared. THANK YOU MATOL KM FOR GIVING ME BACK MY LIFE AS IT WAS."

Mrs.C.A.Miller, Jan. 2006

"It's so great to be back with Matol again after allowing myself to be persuaded to take another product for a while! I suffer from M.E. and Matol enables me to cope better, have less pain and more physical endurance. Its a great product!"

Jill Morgan, Norwich, Dec. 2005

"Matol is my favorite product as an additional supplement. I have noticed my muscles peform better, and I was plagued with muscle cramps in the legs and feet in the winter months especially which since taking Matol is now not a problem. The effect Matol has on the blood has kept me very healthy over the years. Sort of an insurance policy against illness. I am very happy with the product."

Anne Hill, Dec. 2005

"I've been suffering from migraine attacks for 4 years now, and I've tried everything.
A friend told me about herbal preparation called Matol. I was sceptical, but I thought I'd give it a go as nothing else was helping. Within a few weeks of using Matol, I noticed that the frequency and intensityof the migraines decreasing. Within a few months I knew Matol was definitely having an effect. I've been ordering Matol now since 2001, and I am still very happy with it - even though it tastes like medicine!! If you suffer from migraine, I recommend you try it too."

Mrs.S.Shackell, Caerphilly, Aug. 2005

"I would like to endorse your product matol. I was diagnosed with connective tissue disease 10 years ago. I have suffered with Arthritis like symptons, swelling of all joints, rashy skin, shortness of breath and extreme tiredness.

My husband had a chance meeting with a fellow sufferer, matol was recommended to me as it had changed my new friend Debbie's life. Matol's effects took about 3 months before i felt any difference, slowly my breathlessness and tiredness decreased. I still have the occasional swelling but not to the extent that it used to be.

I feel i have been given a new lease of life as my medication has been reduced dramatically. As a result of taking matol i feel an improvement in my health, thank you for my new outlook on life."

Tina Holloway, Bristol July 2005

"In 1994 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis. After many years of suffering joint pain and swelling, exhaustion, depression and various other symptoms of feeling unwell.

My father saw an article in the Daily Mail recommending Matol. I decided to give it a try and it changed my life completely. Within weeks I was sleeping better because of not having "restless legs". I was waking up without pain in my hands, hips and knees. I was full of energy and the black cloud of depression was lifted. I have not looked back since that time and my health seems to continue to improve each year. I now work full time, work out at the gym three times a week and have plenty of energy to play with my grandson.

I've recommended it (Matol Km) to friends and family over the years that have seen the remarkable change in me and all have benefited from the various symptoms they suffered.

It (Matol Km) is a truly remarkable product and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

Susan Williams, Porthcawl, November 2004

"I find it difficult to endorse a product when I have no scientific proof that the improvement in my psoriasis is purely down to using Matol. I also find it incredible, after years of various treatments (I have suffered from Psoriasis for over 25 years), all of which were creams of some description or other, that a 'liquid supplement' you simply drink twice a day can heal your skin!"

However, since using Matol and introducing it almost 4 months ago as part of my daily routine, there has been a marked improvement in my condition. The psoriasis patches on my back and the back of my legs have completely cleared. My elbows, which were plastered in large thick white plaques, although not completely clear, now appear more like elbows should! The thick plaques have given way to much smaller, more dispersed and less angry psoriasis patches.

The best benefit I have seen from using this product though has to be the colour of my skin. It has been transformed from white plaques or angry looking red sores to my natural skin tone which has given me more confidence and made me far less self-conscious when wearing short sleeved shirts, playing sports or going swimming.

There truly has been a remarkable visible improvement. The only negative thing I can say about this product is that unfortunately I cannot report that it has improved the psoriasis on my scalp and in my hair. I shall however, continue to use Matol and monitor the benefits.

As I previously mentioned, I have no proof that I can attribute all this to Matol - but I cannot attribute it to anything else! Try it for yourself and as a fellow sufferer I know you will be pleased with the results - from white plaques and angry red sores to your normal skin tone - you cannot afford to miss the opportunity of trying this product yourself!"

- Ian H., Newport, South Wales. August 2004.

"In April 1994 I was diagnosed with Lupus. All the literature I was given at the time told me I had a life expectancy of 5 years from diagnosis. After the initial shock I turned my negative thoughts to positive ones.

I was not going to let this disease get the better of me. My consultant helped by finding the right combination of drugs to control many of my symptoms, but late in 1994 a work colleague showed me an article singing the praises of Matol. I ordered some and have taken it ever since. I am a living testimonial. Not only am I still here to tell the tale but I also work full time in a demanding job working in excess of 8 hours most days. I also look after a 4 bedroomed house and elderly parents. I am convinced that without Matol I would not be able to tell the story.

- Mrs Annette Smith, Stratford on Avon. June 2004.

I've been using Matol Km since 1994 on the recommendation of a friend after a serious accident. Initially, I was sceptical but I'm quite sure it has dramatically changed my health for the better. I feel 100% with boundless energy!"

- Mrs. M. Churchill, Llantrisant, South Wales

I have a number of problems: under-active thyroid, varicose veins and a lot of pain...within a few days of taking Matol Km my sense of well-being was greatly improved. Also my pains are just twinges. I had almost given up hope of things getting better, but Matol Km seems to have altered all that!

- P. Watson, Dyfed

For 7 years I suffered from PMT. I experienced a lot of tension, strained nerves, headaches, back and leg pain. This is the fourth month of bliss for both me and my family. Thank you for Matol Km.

- P. Burns, London

In general, we have shied away from endorsing specific commercial products in this book. However, so many patients have told us about one particular product and how well it has worked for them that we feel obliged to pass on this information to you. The product is called Matol Km.

- CFIDS, A Chronic Fatigue Manual

BUPA and the Athlete

Many thanks for the trial of Matol Km which we have used on three elite athletes: a footballer, an ice hockey player and a rugby player. I am very pleased to inform you that the response has been very good and the patients on the trial all commented on a good subjective improvement in their performance, which they have attributed to Matol Km.

- T Atter, BUPA Physiotherapy Manager.

I have experienced several beneficial spin-offs but the most significant has been the increase in mobility and reduction in pain in the arthritis I have had since a child. I was seriously considering a chair-lift for the stairs but now I can trot up and down them.

- W.Edmonds, Northamptonshire


I had a bottle of Matol Km from Sanctuary Health in Cardiff in the hope that it would help me with my psoriasis. Within three weeks I noticed a difference. The itching started to ease, and my skin went from dark red to a nice pink. Three months later and all my blisters cleared. I can't remember having so much energy. (Story published in the Daily Mail).

- Sheila Collier, Mid Glamorgan.

Overwhelming Fatigue

I have suffered for over 10 years with overwhelming fatigue, dreadful headaches and joint pain, skin rashes and memory loss, due to the incurable disease Lupus Erithmatosus. While in Colorado a few years ago, I was introduced to Matol Km by a friend. I was highly sceptical but agreed to try it for 2 months. Within 4 days I had boundless energy, my headaches and joint pain abated and I felt my mind clearer and memory sharper. I'm convinced that Matol Km is working for me.

- Jennie Hunt, Gloucestershire

"It (Matol Km) has cleaned my Psoriasis and stopped the terrible itching"
- Mrs. M. Melrose, Louth, Dec 2002

It (Matol Km) energises and revitalises for a better healthy lifestyle"
- Rose Anderson, Carshalton, Surry, Nov 2002

"I believe it (Matol Km) keeps my husband and myself healthier"
- Mrs. R Campbell, Be1th, Nov 2002.

"I have M.E. and have tried many other products and therapies, but nothing matches the therapeutic effect of Matol Km. It makes life worth living!"
- Jill Morgan, Norwich, 13 Jan 03. - customer since 1995.

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