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This is what the Newham Magazine said in a feature article in April 2007


"Nowadays massage is not a luxury, it is for your health. If you have regular massage your health will improve"

Philip Kee's hands have been working their magic for more than 20 years, giving the people of Newham a massage with a difference.

Philip invented his very own style of massage called the Kee Technique, combining the best of the world's massage ideas.

"Over the years working as a massage therapist I have learned different techniques from different places," says Philip. "The Kee Technique uses oil like a Swedish massage, then I add on different strokes to make it more effective. "Depending on the client's needs I might use Thai and shiatsu techniques, which use a lot of stretching and work on the elbows and ankles, or neuromuscular techniques for clients with sports injuries." Massage has long been known as a cure for ailments as diverse as backache and insomnia and Philip's customers visit him to cure a range of health problems or simply to relax.

"Massage is very soothing," says Philip. "Many times when I work on a person I can hear them snoring.

"I once worked on a lady who seemed very tense. The next day she came back to me crying and said she had slept that night for the first time in 26 years.

"Three quarters of the people who come to me have back problems. White-collar workers are looking at a screen all day and using their hands to type, so they have tension in their neck and arms. People who do a lot of lifting and physical work will also have back problems."
Philip first became interested in massage while growing up in Penang, Malaysia.

"As a seven-year-old boy, my grandma used to ask me to come and pound her back and in return she would tell me a story about ancient China. She was a herbalist too so I was brought up in that environment, learning about holistic therapy"

Philip came to England at the age of 23 where he trained as a nurse before taking up massage. As well as medical training and knowledge of holistic treatment, Philip believes a calm outlook is essential to being a successful massage therapist, something he achieves through Buddhist practices of spiritualism and meditation.

"For the customer to relax you have to be sensitive and have a rapport with them. When you feel them and understand them, they relax and if they trust you they are calm.

"I have worked as a therapist for so long now I do it on different levels. I say a prayer if the person is unwell to protect myself and I also ask for help to heal the person.

"If you work on someone who is ill you feel exhausted, where as if you work on someone who has a sports injury you feel very energised as you are sharing energy."

Massage has become more popular with today's stressful lifestyles, with many of us working long hours and juggling commitments. Philip strongly believes that massage has an increasingly important position in modern society.

"If I ever ask anybody if they are relaxed they always say yes," says Philip. "Then you give them a massage and afterwards they say they never realised they were carrying so much tension."

"Stress can affect you in a lot of ways. People can feel the aches coming, but I say come and see me before that because prevention is better than cure. "Nowadays massage is not a luxury.